Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking multitasking to new heights

Indian Goddesses have always been portrayed as having many pairs of hands. Alas, I am not one and I seem to be sorely missing another pair.

Some examples of multitasking since Atri was born -

1. Checking on facebook while filling hot water in his tub and keeping an eye on the sambar bubbling on the stove. I need FB to know what goes on in the world outside baby and me.

2. Shaking the rattle with one hand while holding tea cup with the other and keeping baby's rocker going with one foot (this one takes my dexterity to new levels)
Why rattle and rock at the same time you may ask? This was discovered by my Mom in law and me that the rattle distracts him from crying and the rocking motion makes him drowsy - in the initial days I would find it difficult to handle two different movements with two different hands, but as they say - practice does make a man mom perfect.

3. Listening to FM radio (even though it sucks), catching up on reading during an extended nursing session

Looks like I'll totally forget to do one thing at a time. Isn't that a core competency of moms anyway?


  1. I can totally identify with this. Even though my daughter is supposed to be 'grown up' (21 months), I am still doing a lot of multi tasking. And when I do get enough time & there are only one or two things to be done, they eventually dont get done at all! Lack of tasks I say :)

  2. hey you!
    i thought you'd left an email id on one of your posts on baby centre... but when i looked for it i couldn't find it. so i thought i'd pop in here and leave a meassage...i love that you put so much down in your blog. keep writing.
    owe you a reply from the board.