Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A perfect women's day!

As I write this, we have shut every single window and door in our house to cut ourselves from the maniacal noises of bollywood songs blasting from every possible direction, one trying to out do the other in matters of boom-boom. (It is Holi today!) I haven't heard a track that is as much 'emosional attyachar' as the track that goes by the same words!! The husband has wisely shut his ears with his noise cancellation earphones and singing to his dear son, some favourite tracks from the pod and I am trying to watch the match while trying to immerse myself in some writing. Needless to say, we are driven crazy living in one of the noisiest neighbourhoods in the city (are there any quiet ones at all?)


Both the hubby and me are not big believers in any 'days', but we sometimes manage to surprise ourselves or each other. Not that it is actually related to this post.

The past Sunday was Women's day - even if we forgot we had 3 Sunday newspapers to remind us of it. That morning I decided to visit the salon close to my house (2 buildings away) instead of the usual one that is a bit far that I used to frequent in the days before I became momma. These days all things close by are preferred - due to the race against time to be back before Atri starts demanding his next feed. I had decided that it was time to get in shape - not the whole of me, just the eyebrows - as it is definitely the easier of the two. So eyebrows neatly threaded and feet tended to, talons painted a rose pink, I felt like a new woman. Routine things of the past seem like the luxury nowadays, which I guess is a part of becoming a mother, our needs clearly (and willingly) sent to the back seat.

In the afternoon, we decided to test-drive the Mothercare carrier (I call it the space suit)for the second time. We hit one of the newer malls in the suburbs, which has wider corridors, lesser crowds, espcially in the late afternoons. The husband and me also managed to eat Natural icecream in the food court - I cant remember the last time we ate together :) so this was quite a celebration. We didn't want to outstay our welcome ( read time allotted to us by Atri) so we made a dash home after doing a good amount of window shopping. He seemed pretty comfortable in the carrier throughout except for the time we are trying to get him into the space suit and figure out how to affix the numerous buckles and straps.

The third outing of the day was the building gettogether party we attended in our terrace, the first we have attended in over three years of living here. The highlight of the evening was some fantastic food catered by an authentic Tamil caterer who on learning that we are Tamil insisted on serving us with double the gusto! The party was on the poolside and the breeze was just superbly cool - I rushed downstairs to get some cotton to be plugged into Atri's ears, but his superactive hands pulled them out twice, after which I gave up. I'm surprised he could sleep in his carrier on daddy's tummy even as the speakers blared out the same old bollywood hits (is there any function that happens here without the DJs dishing out this fare in full blast?)! The funny bit is that we tiptoe and shush each other around the house when he is sleeping so that we don't disturb the Lord and there he manages to sleep in ear splitting music - so Atri's first party was a very positive experience, giving us hope for many more in the future. After a couple of hours upstairs watching the couple games and straws-stuck-in-the-head catwalks to 'Fashion ka hai yeh jalwa' I came back home leaving the hubby to have his grub, managing to catch the Filmfare awards from 9 pm -11 pm after which I decided to call it a day. BTW Deepika Padukone seemed so dead in her compering - did the others think so, or is it just me? I always liked her!

So a record three outings in one day surely made this woman's day PERFECT!


  1. Sounds like a cool day :) Really count your blessings that A allowed u to accomplish so much. Btw, I love your son's name, just LOVE it! What does it mean? Umm, as for the salon piece, Button allowed me to pamper myself for 2 hours after 9 months. And a pedicure for me is a piece of heaven indeed.

  2. hi
    Just read about Atri in your food blog. Congratulations!!

    As for the noise - my son used to sleep when the vaccum cleaner was running. As far as I've seen, babies sleep fine if there is noise before they go to sleep. The change in volume is what causes them to wake up. At home, i'd recommend running some music in the background before you put him to sleep. It will make it easier for you to move around rather than tiptoeing always.

  3. Yes, Mommyhood certainly and in most cases, happily, takes over The Land of Me. But every now and again, it certainly is nice to revisit!

  4. Meera - Atri is one of our Saptarishis - so it is an ancient name from the Upanishads :) Wow, you went after 9 months?Im not much of a salon / spa person, but in the stressed times, it feels like a big luxury - esp as hubby takes care of him when he's home early :)

    JAMD - Hello, welcome over from my food blog, as there's more action happening here. Yes we need to buy a portable CD player to play some lovely CDs that we got along with the books we bought for Atri. Tiptoeing is more in day time as nights he is quiet a sound sleeper

    Mammamia - Love your writing and glad that you're here.

  5. Congratulations! I arrived here via Saffron Trail where I was a regular reader and had missed your posts...

    I used to write for bcenter till last year when I went back to my original profession(!)and I must say that as a contributor as well as a reader - it is the best site. Well researched and user friendly, hope you like it as much as I do!

    One tip, try not to keep the house too silent or he will become a light sleeper waking up at every little sound. I used to keep the door of K's room open so that the sounds of the household would filter in and become part of the level she was used to.

    Good luck and have fun!


  6. hey you!
    i thought you'd left an email id on one of your posts on baby centre... but when i looked for it i couldn't find it. so i thought i'd pop in here and leave a meassage...i love that you put so much down in your blog. keep writing.
    owe you a reply from the board.