Monday, May 31, 2010

Milestones at almost 18 months

Sorry Atri - you have a lazy mother! I keep deciding to update your blog more often and I end up taking longer breaks than before...hope i will stick to my resolve this time as time is flying and your mom's memory is not serving her well :)

Before I proceed on what my son has been upto in the last three months - I want to capture all milestones that he has achieved in this post -

  1. Bends over and picks up objects - especially if its a food item - we never waste food!
  2. Tries to lift heavy things eg. my laptop
  3. Plays peekaboo - behind delicately hanging curtains
  4. Rolls balls and any such objects back and forth
  5. Empties containers of contents and fills them- such as the cookie jar game
  6. Is able to locate and remember objects of his liking in ours as well as neighbours' houses - eg. Biscuit tins
  7. Imitates us- takes a napkin and dabs his mouth delicately after a meal - takes that from his dad I guess
  8. Pushes and pulls toys while walking - poor old stacking turtle of his and now the cycle
  9. Uses spoon successfully and feeds himself many dry foods
  10. Points to nose, mouth and eyes when asked - rest of the parts we have not been persistent in teaching - he'll learn eventually
  11. Runs well - especially when he sees the driver at the door - so that he can hitch a ride with him
  12. Walks up stairs and climbs down holding a hand - we are not brave enough to let him climb down by himself :O
  13. Walks backwards when we call him to us for a hug - how predictable!
  14. Plays with the ball
  15. Helps around the house - yes for sure, especially grabbing the broom from the househelp and showing her how to do a clean sweep under the sofa and such. Give him a napkin or a cloth and he goes about dusting every nook and cranny and even mopping floors - we have a diligent worker on our hands
  16. When he throws something on the floor or does something funny, he'll put his hands to his mouth with an expression of 'AHHH'
  17. Turns pages of books and bites them off too - even board books aren't spared
  18. Points out to bow-bow and cat in the books - he'll open only those two pages
  19. Knows the correct way to use many objects - laptops, chargers, mobiles, telephone, remotes, broom, comb, handbags etc etc
  20. Has gotten very attached to his (formerly mine) blankie and we wont go anywhere without it. Fortunately needs it to sleep only.
  21. Throws a tantrum when he is not allowed to go with the current love of his life - the driver or when he is all ready to go out and we don't take him out immediately
  22. Has reduced two day time naps to one, since he started attending playgroup one month ago
  23. Responds to many directions in English, Tamil and Hindi- sit down, get your mum-mum chair (to eat), keep your feet properly on the cycle, get your blankie, get me the remote, give this to daddy, etc
  24. Plays excellent hide and seek - seeks me out in the first shot no matter where i hide even in the dark!
  25. Kicks a ball or our heads - anything which comes in way of his foot
  26. Speaks the words - mamma, da, light, ball, bo-bo, cat, mum-mum(food), owter (water) and some others which I cannot figure
  27. Can distinguish the foodie pics on board book such as fruits and pretends to eat them from the page (born to two great foodies, what else can we expect?)
  28. Shows the action 'not there' / illai / kaanum with his hands - when he sees an empty plate or a person he expects to see isn't around.
  29. Throws the ball over his head - god save my cup of tea when he does that around me
  30. Has been dancing to music for the last three months - some more steps have been added to his repertoire - more hand movement, bum movements (Kadavule!!)
  31. Indicates to us that he's doing potty by lifting his tee and rubbing his tummy, inside the diaper of course! And tries to pull down his pants for us to clean him.
  32. Co-operates while changing clothes by putting hands and legs in the correct openings of clothes - this is more accelerated when we utter the words 'Narasimha' (driver), 'tata' - with the hope of going out someplace and getting a ride in the car, for which he has developed HUGE fascination
  33. Is in love with all wheelies, loves to sit in cars, cycles
  34. Biggest milestone is that he's able to stay away from mom and dad for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, in his playgroup - interacting with kids his age or older and adjusting to environs other than home! God knows that this a BIG one for us!
The guidance for building this list is from the chart in Babycenter India
He is on or ahead of track in almost everything, except speech - I'm told boys are slow in this respect - or is he already learning to be the strong-silent types like his dad? Only time will tell!