Saturday, September 6, 2008

Milestones so far

Reporting from the 26th week of pregnancy - and trying to recollect the events so far before I forget them

14th March - LMP

14th April - Home pregnancy test - positive
Beta HCG - indicates 4-5 weeks pregnant

21st April - Repeat Beta HCG indicates levels well risen

2nd May - 1st Ultrasound (Dating and viability scan) which indicates pregnancy of 5-6 weeks
Informed both would-be grandparents

14th June - 2nd Ultrasound (first trimester - nuchal scan)
Baby corresponds to 13 weeks since LMP

20th June - Prophylactic cervical cerclage under GA

19th July - 3rd Ultrasound (Anomaly scan)
Baby's measurements correspond to the 18 weeks of gestation
Weight 220 grams
EDD - 20th December 2008

9th August onwards baby Bumble starts kicking in all earnest while we were watching Singh is Kinng

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