Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting kicked and loving it!

It's been a wonderfully euphoric feeling since the last 3 weeks or so, and more in recent times, when Bumble has begun to assert its existence in our lives with regular kicks and punches.

It all started with the customary, 'Is it or is is not?' feeling, but with the calcium tablets reaching Bumble's bones the kicks cannot be mistaken for anything else. Funnily, yesterday I napped off in the afternoon with the latest Harlan Coben thriller sitting on my bump and imagine my surprise when I saw the book moving thanks to the pushes from beneath it! It's almost like Bumble is saying, forget your nap and pay me some attention Momma!

Bumble kicks the most when we are in a theater watching a movie - while we make all attempts not to watch the horror / violence types - the Dolby surround sound is enough to get baby all kicked up and starts kicking with all the enthusiasm in the little limbs - it all started with Singh is Kinng, which S and me both hated to be watching, a complete ham of a movie and we were convinced that baby shares our taste in movies, and is kicking in protest. Next was Mumbai Meri Jaan, which did not have any of the noisy songs or sound track and yet I found myself being punched relentlessly in all directions. When we saw Rock On, which had fabulous music that I couldn't help rocking in my seat, Bumble started doing the same, and we had to assume that Bumble shares our taste of good music :) It's upto us to assume the reason for the kicks and its fun to do the guesswork.

I haven't noticed any particular times for the increased activity, although it is said that babies get more active after a carb rich drink or meal since it gets more energy at that point of time. But if I have to choose a time where I most often get the hellos from inside its around 7-8 pm and then some more before I go to sleep. It's just odd that whenever S wants to feel the kicks on my bump and he patients spreads out his palms and waits, it's been unrewarded so far....almost as if Bumble is teasing his/her dad, that hey i know what you're waiting for and I'm going to make you wait some more. S was complaining sweetly to Bumble in one of the nightly 'dad talk sessions to the bump'* that you've not given me a single kick to feel so far!! I am hoping S gets to experience the beauty of feeling baby within soon and Baby Bumble obliges him with a nice kick that he can feel :)

* It is found that babies whose dads talk to them when they are in utero recognise their voices when they are born and can bond more easily.
Read some interesting stuff about 'Belly talk' here.


  1. So you're feeling the kicks now, huh! Cannot wait to feel the same. I feel some flutters at times and wonder if it's the baby..but waiting for the more definite kicks :)

    I am going to encourage DH to "talk" to the baby more.. did not know that they could recognize the father better this way. Very neat.

    Will be vising more often. Enjoy!

  2. Hey thanks Sindhu for dropping by....will bookmark your blog here for easy access